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Boxing Gloves-Boxing Glove-Types of Boxing Gloves & Equipments

boxing glovesBoxing Gloves:
Boxing gloves protect the hands from bruising or breaking due to the heavy impacts of blows and punches. They are made of leather or vinyl, and they come in pairs. Each glove has a padded construction with contours that cushion the knuckles and a separate compartment for the thumb so the fist remains flexible. Boxing gloves can be secured to the hands by laces, hook and loop closures, rubber band straps, or Velcro straps. They are worn with hand wraps, which are long strips of cloth wound around the hands. Boxing gloves are come in five-, six-, eight-, nine-, 10-, 12-, and 15-ounce styles. In professional boxing matches, the standard size of boxing gloves for an average-size player is 10 ounces. They usually weigh 12, 14, or 16 ounces for training purposes and 16 ounces for sparring. Beginners usually start with a 14- or 16-ounce pair. As a rule, the heavier the boxing gloves are, the more protection they offer.
Different types of Boxing Gloves:
The main use of boxing gloves is to safeguard the knuckles of the fighters. Nowadays, extra padding is used that coerces the boxers to input extra strategy rather than pure brute force. Numerous types of boxing gloves are described below;
Practice Boxing Gloves:
1: elastic wrist furnishes a secure fit and there is no necessity of laces
2: high density foam is both light weight and shock absorbing
3: tied thumbs
4: cotton fiber cushioned grip for additional contact.
Laceup Boxing Gloves:
1: comfortable fit with handwraps
2: laces for tight professional fit
3: ideal for sparring, cardio programs or simply practicing on the bag soft cell foam for superior protection and comfort
Bag Gloves:
1: soft cell foam for superior protection and comfort
2: ideal for use on speed bags, heavy bag, double-end bags or focus mitts
3: good for power training and speed
4: powertek material construction for durability
Fight Boxing Glove:
French style full contact fight gloves with wide elastic closing. Fight Boxing Gloves conform to the shape of your fist for maximum comfort, grip and support.
Boxing Sports Glove:
Sparing glove with padding at the palm area short hook and loop wrist closing for easy on and off.
Punching Boxing Glove:
Super sparring glove specially devised for the modern people and has thick padding at back and extra padding at palm to absorb kicks while training Thai boxing.
Boxing Bag Glove:
All time favorite sparring glove manufactured with extra cushions on the inside for hand comfort and a snug fit.
Leather Boxing Gloves:
Professional fighting glove with multiple layer rubber padding, lace style and extra piece foam for extra comfort that provides the feeling already broken in.
Training Boxing Gloves:
Heavy hitter lace-up training boxing glove with soft extra thick high density rubber padding for the glove.


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