Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boxing Gloves-Cycling Gloves-Weight Lifting Gloves-Equipments

TOP-IN-TOWN Sports Co." was established in 1985.We are new Trends setter in Fitness / Weight Lifting, Boxing and Cycling, Gloves, Belts and Accessories. We strongly believe to serve for the satisfaction of our worthy Customers around the World with top quality Gloves, Belts and Accessories produced from best available Local and Imported materials under Modern and Hi-Tech Machinery, well experienced skilled workers under strict quality control. Find extensive collection of Summer Cycling Gloves, winter cycling gloves, boxing equipment, boxing gloves, cycling products, boxing head gear, focus pads, shin guards, boxing strike shields, Weight Lifting gloves, fitness belts as well as mixed martail Arts products under one roof. Our products shows our committment of Excellent Protection, Performance and Comfort. Our main Business Markets are USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Middle East etc.

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  2. OT:Regarding the upcoming May 2 Pacquiao Vs Mayweather megafight. Pacquiao declared that Mayweather should be aggressive, and not just run on the defensive but to show the audience and the world world one splendid fight that they are hoping for.