Monday, May 11, 2009

Cycling Gloves-Summer Cycling Gloves-Winter Cycling Gloves

Top in Town Sports Co. offers extensive collection of Cycling Products in which every item is conceptualized and designed to complement your cycling needs. Cycling gloves are vital for insulating the hands from cold, wind, and evaporative coolingwhile riding a bicycle. Our Summer Cycling Gloves, Winter Cycling Gloves, Cycling Shoe Coves and Cycling Caps are specially design to offer comfort for your long rides. Top in Town Cycling Products make your cycle riding more enjoyable and safer.

Summer Cycling Glovessummer cycling gloves:
Look after your hands with our selection of Gloves provides solutions for every style of cycling. We present Summer Cycling Gloves prevents sweat from slicking grips and controls, protects your palms from abrasions if you fall. For summer riding, look our cycling glove that allow precise control when braking or shifting. Half Fingergloves have padded palms and varying uppers for breathability and/or protectiona, close fitting wrist and ergonomic Velcro closure.

Winter Cycling Gloves:
winter cycling glovesOur current selections of Gloves contain latest Winter Cycling Gloves specially designed for cold weather and protect your hands from cold wind and rain. Also helpful to keep your grip secure and keep them warm in winter. Different weights are available with varying layers depending on how much protection you require. Shock absorbing gel palm padded inserts, Adjustable Velcro fastening and Finger loops for easy removal after use.They include pressure point padding on the palm and silicon print on the fingers for grip.