Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weight Lifting Belts-Power Lifting Belts-Topintown

Our comprehensive range of weight lifting gloves, Weight Lifting Belts, Weightlifting Neoprene Belts, Weightlifting Leather Belts, Dip Belts and Weight lifting accessories as well as Sports Wears suit your entire workout and exercise requirements. Top in Town’s weight lifting gloves, belts are widely accepted as the industry standard for quality, durability and performance.

Weight Lifting Neoprene Belts
weight lifting neoprene beltsHigh Quality Neoprene Belt offers support for all lifters. Power lifting belt offers an extra-firm design with reinforced neoprene. It features a unique downward angle that fits the natural shape of the back and hip and rib contours for extra comfort. It widens at the front for abdominal support and includes a dual closure system with a heavy-duty, stainless-steel slide bar buckle. Fully adjustable with a Velcro Closure for a snug comfortable fit.

Weight Lifting Leather Belts
weight lifting leather beltsManufacturers and Suppliers of Cycling and Boxing products offer its complete line of Weight Lifting and fitness equipments. Weight Lifting Leather Belts are carefully constructed for strong support and exceptional durability. Top-quality leather, suede-lined and double stitched. Full foam padding, extra lumbar pad. 2-prong, heavy-duty buckles for comfort and support. We can also manufacture as per your detailed specifications.

Power Lifting Belts
power lifting beltsFind power lifting belts in different sizes, colors and types. We also carry a very large selection of weight belts, weight lifting accessories and more. Our large selection makes it easy for you to find your favorite power lifting belts, Weight Lifting gloves, and dip belts at economical price. We have produced weight belts for professional athletes, celebrities, professional wrestlers and individuals who demand quality product that can be customized to their unique personality.

Dip Belts
dip beltsWe have extensive range of weight lifting belts now presenting Dip Belts. The Dipping belt is an excellent device for increasing load on bodyweight exercises such as Dips and Chins. Dip belt is used to increase body weight when doing dips, chins A, and lunges by attaching a weight to one's body. A dip belt intensifies the triceps, back and chest. A weight lifting strap is designed to wrap around the wrist and the bar in pull ups, chin ups, and other heavy lifting exercises. By attaching to both the wrist and the bar, a weight lifting strap provides excellent wrist support, and allows the focus of the exercise to remain on the arms instead of on the wrists.



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